Blogger / Influencer Communication

What is Influencer Marketing?

It is essential to mention briefly the concept “Influencer Marketing” that has been increasingly a part of our lives and not surprisingly become one of the building blocks of marketing. Influencer Marketing refers to the awareness creating / marketing activities of those with capacity to influence a specific group- namely the target group-  with the intention of creating a ferment ground for those members in the group to purchase specific products and /or services.  Through this influence – driven activity, brands can transmit their desired messages directly or via their followers. The service of Influencer Marketing has become one of the easiest instruments of enhancing brand reputation and securing access fast.

Who is Blogger / Internet Phenomenon?

In the decades with no presence of Internet Phenomena, we have been made familiar to the celebrities preferring to star in product and /or services marketing.   Though bearing too much advertising, making use of celebities was an influential and effective method. Despite the fact that celebrity-based marketing has still its relevance to businesses and their marketing strategies, a fresh instrument of marketing prevails.  That is Internet Phenomenon. Phenomena are not necessarily built upon advanced level of education, even they can be pupils / students. What matters here is that they are endowed with capacity to manage social media and to address to social targets. In recent years, we have started seeing the examples of Phenomena ranging from a very sophisticated cook, a well-travelled traveller, a fan of photography to a casual person that can use social media interaction succesfully in the same platform along with the beloved celebrities that have acquired recognition and popularity in society. How does Influencer Marketing impact upon brands?

90% of the share belongs to WOMM!

You might be puzzled by the term WOMM.  In definition, it is the abbreviation of the type of marketing called ‘word of mouth marketing’ . WOMM entails transmission of impression /experience of a specific good and /or service acquired by the users to those others consumers who have not been aware of it yet. As the consumers / users express their positive impressions of the abovementioned goods and /or services, this idea sharing crosses boundaries and reaches to much larger consumer groups via social media. Depending on the number of the followers to a certain social media account, here we denote to an internet phenomenon, the  interaction frequency and width are likely to increase. This sort of marketing method is preferable to other methods of marketing though it has been neglected for years.

Influencer Marketing helps brands to reach to those consumers who are almost inaccessible via traditional methods of communication such as TV, Newspaper, Banner or bulletin. This outreach service is made possible through internet directly. While brands address to certain groups through traditional methods, influencers disseminate their influence in a larger mass.

Openmedia ne yapar?


  • To advertise
  • Wee Baby Ultra Portal rechargable  breast pump
  • To have better recognition in social media.


An activity event of breakfast was organised to bring in brand experts and influencers. At event, the brand experts made a presentation to present both the company and brand. Product review was made and supported via social media shares in different times.

Number of Influencers: 13


. Total views of 3.031.938

.Remarkable rise in the number of Wee Baby Instagram account followers.


  • Announce store openings, campaigns and events.
  • Highlight product groups


The opportunity of direct communication between consumers and brand through participation of bloggers, children and brand’s followers have been grasped in the store events in different periods while at the same time several shares aspiring to greater brand recognition in social media and contests  have been made concurrently.

Number of Influencers : 11


  • Total views of 3.231.668
  • Rise in the number of Toyzz Shop Instagram Followers
  • Rise in the number of event participants


To advertise , highlight and enhance Alligator Boya Functional Product Gum.


A colouring workshop where the functional products of Alligator Boya have been used,

brought together brand experts, bloggers and children have been organised at a branch of Alligator Boya.



  • Total number of 1.184.078 views
  • Rise in the number of Alligator Instagram Account


  • To advertise E.C.A. SEREL Touch series
  • Announce participation of E.C.A. SEREL to fair and increase visitor statistics


During its participation to Unicera Fair, E.C.A. SEREL has invited everyday one blogger amongst those who have invited their followers to the fair.  Under the hashtag #dokunaçılsındokunkapansın , those invitees have had the opportunity of cooking in the stand with Touch series.



  • Total views of 1.678.060
  • Rise in the number of E.C.A. SEREL Instagram account followers
  • Rise in the number of visitors to the fair stand


To highlight events by the Hospital Group on child health at social media


Short and informative  videos with pediatricians have been taken at different hospitals of the group.

Bloggers have asked experts the  most requested questions by mothers on social media. Furthermore, they have announced the videos released at Youtube to their followers via their social media accounts. Video content in integration to blogger acount has made possible intermedia interaction.



  • Total views of 241.264


To meet mothers in a city every month and touch upon the lives of thousands of mothers


On the 1st day of the excursion, a city tour which reflects upon support for city tourism, has been made. On the 2nd day, the residents of the city – mothers and their families- have been brought together with bloggers and sponsor brands. A comprehensive interaction has been made possible through stands set up at event, contests and social media shares.



  • Total views of 63.581.238

(Show rate of 4.541.517 per activity)


To meet thousands of mothers from the sub-provinces of Istanbul


A series of informative meetings have been held in participation of experts and bloggers at an Istanbul Shopping MALL every month. Making stands at events, the sponsor brands have enjoyed direct touch with consumers. Besides, bloggers’ shares of brand-specific shares at social media have created a strong instrument of communication.



  • Total views of 11.825.915

(1.478.239 average views per activity)


To create pleasant evenings for pregnants, mothers and their families through organising private views.


Special views free of charge for hundreds of mothers and prospective mothers have been organised. Sponsor brands have contributed positively to stand activities and on-hall advertisements. The commercials on air at hall have been limited to sponsor brands.



  • Total views of 781.485

(390.743 views per activity on average)