Web Content Management

What is original content?

The world has been digitalised increasingly. It has been extremely important to become a part of this digitalised world, tofollowtrendscloselyand to generate content conducive to the needs and expectations of target audience. With the help of SEO that has been in use for the past few years, every few words make much sense in our lives as not to get lost in the content pool. What is SEO?

It could be defined as the whole set of optimisation, strategy and planning needed for your brand’s and /or content’s best representation at search engines, social media platforms and in all digital platforms. Digital communication language created by ‘the most frequently used words’ should comply with SEO so that your brand get more hits in search engines thus exerting great influence on your brand’s reputation. Employed by Bill Gates first in 1996, the quote ‘ content is king.’ makes a significant beginning for content agencies.

Crux of Video Content Production: Right target audience, right timing

According to the researches made, video content will be equally as strong as TV content in 5 to 6 years. In order to create a succesful video content and transmit it to right audience on right timing, several “ways of interaction” are on the stage day by day. The most effectively used video types are  customer views, advertising videos, how to? videos, and review videos. In this respect, video content production is important as much as written content at digital content agencies. How do you succeed at SEO with video?You can upgrade the popularity of your video thanks to the use of SEO contents you will make in the description section of video. Making of a right content and right audience are amongst the crux of video content management. It is significant to focus Works matching target audience, product or service in the stage of video content production. Besides, the medium which is to broadcast your video content is extremely crucial. Language, design and content of the medium should be determined accordingly and target audience should be measured in consideration of these determinants. Youtube and Facebook, the two greatest video content broadcasting platforms have adopted 2 separate understandings. While FB is devoted to short term and live broadcasts, Youtube broadcasts long term and lasting contents. With regard to video content planning, significance of strategy shows itself here: right medium, right timing and right target audience.

Why is content management so significant?

What is the use of content management? Let us start making use of the results of a research made. One of the leading beverage companies of the world, Coca- Cola released in 2012 its plan titled ‘ Content 2020’ and the company’s main strategy is on  “content marketing“. In recent years, content has been gaining its significance in Turkey as well. Companies are increasingly iterested in social media and content. Traditional advertising limited to brands’ a number of words is soon to become the dust of past. The brands which have adopted a form of communication in line with target audience are increasing their sales graphics and secure growth and success consequently. Content management in the new rules of the game creates interaction not in time but at the moment. As this new approach increases brand’s reputation, it promises an interaction development. All the trends above reveal explicitly the significance of content production.