Corporate Periodical Publication

Although the trends appear to be set towards digitalisation in media, one of the oldest methods of interaction between the reader and corporation is printed publication. Thanks to their target group, concepts and content, corporate publications reach to readers thus creating an informative platform.

Introducing periodicals on regular basis to readers enhances brand perception further. Inhouse periodicals serve as printed instruments of strengthening internal communication at corporation.

Essential news, changes and trends at company along with news coverage of the sector find their way to readers.

News, Interviews

To own a prestigious periodical fed by news at corporation, new products that need advertising, enables you both to enhance brand reputatition and your interaction capacity. In the center of prestigious projects particularly such as printed publications lies ‘corporate identity’.  Periodicals are the outward reflection of corporations’ internal world. The language of design is of utmost importance specifically in order for brand and corporate identity to create accurate perception in printed press. Use of right medium as well as right advertising language are what trigger visual perception.

Openmedia is amongst the leading agencies in printed publication  that date back to years. Meredith International, one of the top four publications groups in the U.S. has its representative in Turkey, which is Openmedia.